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Capoeira Aché Brasil Calgary offers classes for two age groups:

  • Kids Ages (5 – 7) on Mondays at 6pm – 6:55pm at Riley Park (Weather dependent)
  • Pre-Teens Ages (8 – 13) on Wednesdays 6pm – 6:55pm at Riley Park (Weather dependent)

*If the weather is not suitable for training at the park, the class will be moved to the academy and or Zoom).

Pricing for the Kids and Pre-Teens classes:

  • Monthly Membership – $50
  • Kids Drop-in – $15

How to purchase the membership?

The process to buy membership is simple: Every month enter into the link below, choose the membership you want to purchase, and follow the steps to pay for the membership.

*Please note that it is the parent’s responsibility to remember to follow the process on a monthly bases, THERE IS NO AUTOMATIC MONTHLY CHARGE.



What will my kid learn and how will it benefit them?

Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial Art that disguises as a dance. It is very beneficial for kids and teenagers as it teaches the importance of discipline, respect, honor, self defense and the value of friendship. Capoeira also helps to develop musicality by incorporating singing, clapping, drumming, and playing various musical instruments.
The kids will learn defense and attack techniques that will increase their confidences which often helps kids with anti-bullying and social interactions.
It also helps them to be the kid with the coolest tricks in class due to Capoeira’s acrobatics aspects. During class kids work on movements such as handstands, cartwheels, rolls, headstands, jumps, back bridges and kicks.
The thing that helps kids the most is that Capoeira is mostly non-contact, it allows the kid to feel safe while executing techniques and practicing coordination and athleticism.


What to wear to class?

Please dress the kids in sweat pants or Martial Art pants and a white T-Shirt.
Our traditional Capoeira uniforms must be purchased, speak to the teacher.

Pants (Abada): $40

T-shirt (Camisa):$25


When does my kid get a belt?

The kids and adults at Capoeira Ache Brasil Calgary receive their belts once a year at a graduation event called “Batizado.

This year’s batizado will take place over the weekend of Aug 13-15.
In order to graduation at the batizado event the Capoeirista must have a full uniform.