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Instrutor Manteiga (Mike Darling) has been practicing capoeira for over 17 years. After training Kung-Fu for a few years he decided to try something new, that’s when he began his Capoeira journey with grupo Chapeu de Couro in Ottawa, and joining Capoeira Aché Brasil Calgary a year later after finishing University. A dedicated advocate of Capoeira Aché Brasil in, Manteiga works hard to sustain and grow capoeira in Calgary by teaching and performing. Manteiga is known for his explosive acrobatics, smooth Capoeira game, incredible timing and knowledge of the Portuguese language. in 2006 Manteiga and his wife Leanna went to travel to south America for a year and spent half of the time in Brazil expending his knowledge on Capoeira and the Brazilian Culture. Outside of Capoeira Manteiga is a professional engineer with an M.Sc and B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, he also loves lifting weights, playing hockey and spending time with his family.

Instrutor Suassuna (Vlad Gincher) was born in Simferopol, Crimea, Russia. He started his Capoeira career in 2002 in Eilat, Israel with Groupo Cordão de Ouro under Contra-Mestre Nimi. He had the opportunity to train in various places around the world: Israel, Russia, England, Ukraine, USA and Canada. Since his arrival to Calgary, Canada in 2007 Suassuna has been an integral member of Capoeira Aché Brasil Calgary. After the departure of Mestrando Superhomem In 2010 Suassuna started teaching in Calgary along side Manteiga. He is a dedicated athlete and talented capoeirista who brings creative movements, enviable tricks and intricate game play to the roda. Vlad is also a certified personal trainer with 4 years of MMA, BJJ experience. Suassuna, volunteers, performs, teaches and helps to grow capoeira all over Calgary. Vlad believes in healthy lifestyle, clean diet, personal fitness and hard training. “Everyday you should strive to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to improve physically, mentally and spiritually”