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Capoeira is a martial art, dance and art form that combines kicks, escapes, take-downs and acrobatics with an exotic musical aspect, style and artistic expression. Originating in the Northeast of Brazil (about 400 years ago), by slaves from the African continent, Capoeira had to be practiced in secrecy after its lethal potential was discovered by the slave masters. Although Capoeira was created as a way to free the slaves from their oppressors, it has evolved into one of the most hypnotic and interesting art forms yet to come out of Brazil. Two major styles of Capoeira exist in Brazil today, Angola and Regional.
Capoeira is done in a roda “circle”, it is called “Capoeira Game” which is played, not fought, and played with a partner, NOT against. Because of that Capoeira creates a community of friends that come together to train hard and push one another to continue progressing in all aspects of life. The uniqueness of Capoeira will give your body physical strength, power, flexibility and coordination. It also strengthens the mind self-confidence, concentration, courage, creativity and dedication.
Capoeira is very beneficial for kids and teenagers as well, it teaches the importance of discipline, respect, honor, self defense and the value of friendship. Another special things about Capoeira is that it also develops great musicality as it incorporates singing, clapping, drumming, and playing various musical instruments. One of the most incredible effects of Capoeira is that it keeps the body and mind sharp – its believed to prolong the life due to the healthy lifestyle, happiness, movement culture and music that keeps us young even at old age. You can see many old Capoeira masters still doing incredible tricks and traveling all over the world into their 70’s and 80’s.
Capoeira has tremendously enhanced our lives and is one of the best things that ever happened to us. However, the only way to truly understand the magnetism of Capoeira is to see it and try it for yourself. Capoeira caters to Men, Women and Children of all ages, sizes and ethnic backgrounds.