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Student Teachers


Monitor Coelhinho (Cody Field) is a born and raised Calgarian who has been practicing Capoeira since 2003. After seeing a demonstration by Capoeira Aché Brasil at Calgary’s Lilac Festival, he decided to join the group and start training in this incredible art form. He has an athletic background in gymnastics, tramp & tumbling, basketball, rugby, track & field, and various other sports. Coelhinho has been primarily training in capoeira since graduating from the University of Calgary in Biological Sciences. Having previously trained under Mestrando Superhomem, Formado Coelhinho has been teaching classes alongside Instrutor Manteiga and Instrutor Suassuna since 2012, and continues to train with and learn from them. When he is not working or training, Coelhinho likes to paint, play sports, and socialize. You may also see him on-stage performing in local theater productions.

GraduadaBaqueta (Stephanie Fowler) discovered capoeira in 2004. She attended her first class at the suggestion of a friend having never seen it before. Since then she has traveled to Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brazil and various cities throughout the United States and Canada to seize any and every opportunity to train with different groups and continue to learn more about the art form in all its beauty. She began teaching in 2014 under her Instrutors Manteiga and Sua.  When not training Capoeira, she can be found sketching on street corners and painting with watercolor, practicing yoga, or immersed in home improvement projects with her fellow capoeirista husband and their two cats.
Instagram: @designbystlight

Graduado Pernalonga (Dan Fowler) moved to Calgary in 2012 and was introduced to Capoeira after taking several introduction classes at the recommendation of friends and family. He began training with Capoeira Ache Brasil Calgary shortly after and has been training ever since. During that time he has been involved in various demonstrations and performances within the group. He has since started to teach introduction classes and assist with beginner classes at the academy and University under Instrutor Manteiga and Instrutor Suassuna. Outside of Capoeira Pernalonga is actively involved in sports such as track and field, soccer, volleyball and many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, skiing and biking. He enjoys traveling and has been to Brazil several times always looking for the opportunity to improve his Portuguese and meet new people. As a hobby he is a self-taught wood worker and can be found in his shop a few hours a week working on various projects.
Instagram @Madeira_made