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Capoeira Aché Brasil Calgary was the first Capoeira school in the city and has over 20 years of history in Calgary. It first started with a group of friends who wanted to learn the art of Capoeira but could not find a school to do so. Throughout the years the group has brought many guest teachers for extended periods of time to teach the Brazilian art and traditions that make up the culture of Capoeira. To this day we bring multiple guests teachers per year to share wisdom, and techniques that help us stay up to date with Capoeira around the world.

The Calgary group is made up of two head Instructors (Manteiga – Mike Darling and Sua – Vlad Gincher) as well as a group of committed student teachers, and passionate students training and teaching under the supervision of Mestre Eclilson de Jesus who lives in Vancouver. Our group has been teaching classes and doing performances all over the city (Lilac Fest, Sun and Salsa, Global Fest, Expo Latino and many more). We also perform in concerts, weddings, parties and cultural events. We often volunteer and hold demonstrations for non profit organizations and health foundations as well.

Our vision is to spread Capoeira all over the city with its endless lifestyle benefits and inspire people to become the best versions of themselves. We believe that the health benefits, confidence, self defense skills, and positive community is something that everyone could be a part of, regardless of ethnic background, gender, age, or physical shape.