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Sinha mandou me pegar
Na ladeira do Pia
Os feitores de sinha
Nao conseguem me agarra

Sou um Negro Quilombola
Angoleiro do pia
Sou heranÇa de Zumbi
Gaganzumba e Oxala

Luto pela libertade
nao sou peÇa pra sinha
Vou cantar

E Angola e, e Angolaaa
E Amgola e,
Capoeira e Angolaaa


Sinha sent for me
On the slope of Pia
Sinha’s taskmasters
They can’t grab me

I’m a Negro Quilombola
Angoleiro from Pia
I am Zumbi’s ancestor
Gaganzumba and Oxala

I fight for freedom
I am not made just to work
I’ll sing

And Angola and, and Angolaaa
And Angola and,
Capoeira and Angolaaa

Extra notes:

  • Sinha – often refers to a slave master
  • Negro Quilombola – Afro-Brazilian resident of quilombo settlements first established by escaped slaves in Brazil
  • Zumbi, also known as Zumbi dos Palmares, was a Brazilian of Kongo origin and a quilombola leader, being one of the pioneers of resistance to slavery of Africans by the Portuguese in Brazil.
  • Ganga Zumba – Nganga Nzumbi was the first leader of the massive runaway slave settlement of Quilombo dos Palmares, or Angola Janga, in the present-day state of Alagoas, Brazil.
  • Oxala – eldest orixá, symbol of creativity and purity, represented by the color white. Oxalá is regarded as the father of all orixás